Cambox ISIS

PartnersCambox ISIS is the new patented onboard camera that has been specifically developed for all forms of equestrian sports. As one of the safest cameras on the market thanks to the Velcro® fixation system.

Choice of Champions

PartnersRecommended by veterinarians, professional trainers and champion riders, Choice of Champions provides equine supplements that help horses in virtually every discipline. Created in 2006, Choice of Champions is used by a range of top riders and equine professionals.

Rebecca Ray Designs

PartnersRebecca Ray Designs encompasses authenticity, charm and quality in its range of handbags, accessories and home décor. All of its products use genuine equestrian hardware, responsibly tanned leather, traditional handwork and the finest fabrics.

Jen X Equine

PartnersEstablished in November 2013, Jen X Equine founder Jennie Hegeman takes the lessons learned as a rider, trainer, owner and designer to provide both rider and horse with the best gear possible when breaking from the barn.

Professional’s Choice

PartnersProfessional’s Choice is a family-run business that has specialised in equine sports medicine products for the last 25 years. Since it the company was founded with the sale of the original Sports Medicine Boot for horses.

EQU StreamZ

PartnersEQU StreamZ patented natural pain relief bands are part of the StreamZ global product range that has been specifically developed for the equestrian market. The small bands are placed around the hock/fetlock and provide a low cost and natural response.

Botanica International

PartnersEstablished in 2005, Botanica International caters for the growing awareness of natural products and to utilize the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy. Botanica International supply a natural herbal range, developed to treat common skin conditions for both humans and animals.


PartnersCyclo-ssage markets an exclusive range of top quality, German manufactured massage systems in the UK and worldwide. Using a non-invasive massaging action, known as Cycloidal Massage, our three unique Systems – Pro Personal, Pro Equine and Pro Canine.


Partnersuvex – manufacturing in Germany. The home of new ideas and inventors. A country of thinkers and theorists. We explore and develop innovative new products, materials and processes, which ensure the high quality of our products.

Voltaire Design

PartnersVoltaire Design relies on the long French tradition of saddle making. But Voltaire Design is also the first saddle maker to take inspiration from and gain the assistance of the fashion industry in the designing of our product.


Partnersarcequine is a revolutionary new way to effectively treat tendon repair, along with many other common equine injuries, ensuring your horse stays sounder and healthier for longer. Prevent those cumulative micro tears that often lead to real structural damage.

Multi Radiance Medical

PartnersMulti Radiance Medical has manufactured and distributed Super Pulsed therapeutic lasers for 21 years. Operating in 30 countries, they are acknowledged for their efficiency in addressing a wide range of conditions, their peak pulsed power for depth of penetration.

Revitavet Infrared Therapy

PartnersWith over 40 years of independent research worldwide, infrared therapy – also known as photo and light therapy – has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms.

Andrews Bowen Ltd

PartnersAndrews Bowen Ltd, equine surface specialists, manufacture and install a range of riding surfaces suitable for arenas, gallops and racetracks. Andrews Bowen waxed coated synthetic surfaces, ProWax and SafeTrack are installed worldwide and used at the highest levels.

Jacksons Fencing

PartnersJacksons Fencing is a family run business that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of quality fencing and access control products. Since its inception in 1947, the company has enjoyed a long standing heritage in the agricultural / equestrian.