William Fox-Pitt (Olympic Gold Medalist):
“Liz worked for me and helped school my horses 10 years ago, so I have known her for a long time and have watched her progress with great interest. She has become an accomplished event rider and with the good string of horses she now has will undoubtedly enjoy increasing success. Liz has got a great way with her horses and is very capable of riding all different types, which is so important in the sport. She has produced some fairly tricky horses up through the grades which is a credit to her and now that she has some class horses there will be no stopping her.”

Laura Cotterill (livery):
“Moving to Chailey Stud has been the best thing I have done! Apart from my horse having exceptional care, I know I can be away on business without any concerns that she’s not being exercised properly or looked after by Liz and her fabulous team of girls. Having had a crisis of nerves earlier this year, Liz has also competed my horse and shown me what she’s capable of – and I know that with Liz’s guidance and training, and all the fabulous facilities at the yard, we’ll achieve our goals next season. Roll on 2012!”

Sam Vallis (livery):
“Since moving my horses to Chailey Stud I have been nothing but pleased with my decision, my only regret is not finding it sooner. All of the horses are happy and relaxed and all three of mine settled in immediately, including my highly-strung mare. The standard of care is second to none, and although Liz runs a professional competition yard, there is a very personal touch. I felt looked after as an individual and the difference inmy horses’ health and condition within two weeks of arriving was amazing. The facilities are outstanding and everything is of the highest standard – from the feed and haylage to the lovely grooms, I have not had to worry as they have not compromised on a single thing. This unrivalled attention to detail has meant I always leave the yard with peace of mind knowing my horses are getting the best treatment possible. With a combination of excellent stable management from the team of very experienced staff and Liz’s training I have really seen them go from strength-to-strength not only at home but also in their results out competing.”

John Pitts (human performance):
“Liz demonstrates an unbridled passion to be the best at whatever she does. In her riding she is leaving no stone unturned in her determination be consistent at the highest level, and her enthusiasm for her teaching mirrors this.

Laura McLellan & Showtime Shirley (livery):
“Moving to Chailey Stud has been a revelation. On arrival at Chailey I was immediately struck by the professionalism and the attention to detail with regard to every aspect of the running of this training and livery establishment. I was also impressed by the genuine interest for my horse‘s well being from the overall care to her training routine.

“I have had my horse Shirley for 4 years and never have I seen her so relaxed and happy as she is now. Being of a sensitive nature she has not always been the friendliest of horses but now at Chailey she is a different horse, which I can honestly say is due to Liz and her fantastic team taking the time and effort to totally understand the different needs of each and every horse under their care.

“When Shirley arrived she was very unfit and out of condition. Liz assessed her and got to work slowly, getting Shirley’s fitness back before moving on to more intensive schooling work both on the flat and jumping.

“In just 6 weeks the transformation has been incredible under Liz’s care and training Shirley has gone from a confused unfit little horse to one who at her first Dressage competition with Liz took first place.

“Liz’s results speak for themself, showing her to be a truly dedicated and talented horsewoman who pays attention to every detail of my horse’s training as if Shirley was one of her own. I could not wish for a better trainer for both myself and my horse.

“Although the journey from my home in Buckinghamshire is over one and a half hours, after each visit I leave with an overwhelming sense of positive progress and satisfaction that more than makes up for the time spent in the car.

“Chailey Stud really is the perfect home for my horse and I feel able to go away on business and trust that she will be cared for to the highest possible standard. The facilities are amazing, the staff friendly and totally committed.”